Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DC Crime Takes an Up Tick

I posted yesterday on the DC News and Notes Amplify blog http://bit.ly/cWszDO about the DC crime rate and how it is seeing a rise, even though we are not landing on any major violent crimes poll.

I mentioned in that post that there has been a rash of new crime, especially assaults taking place in and around some areas of NW, like Logan Circle and others. One other location that has seen a jump is the Mt Vernon Sq neighborhood. It has gotten bad enough that DC had stationed police on several of the corners in and around 5th St. So I was shocked to see this report pop up showing a robbery took place just the other night, and it looks like it was literally right under the noses of the polices patrolling the area.

Appears that these patrols are having little effect on curbing these crimes ..

Amplify’d from dc.everyblock.com

1100 block of 5TH ST NW

Report date November 20, 2010

Police dept. ID




The taking from another person, or immediate actual possession of another, anything of value, by force or violence, whether against resistance or by sudden or stealthy seizure or snatching, or by putting in fear. This includes carjackings.


Robbery: Assault with intent


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