Monday, November 22, 2010

DC Becoming a Safer City? Think Again

I read this with interest as a DC resident. While it is true DC has become much safer in recent years, we have witnessed a rash of crimes in the city leading to some concern. In the Mt Vernon Sq area along with areas in and around Logan Cirlce, we have been witness to muggings and attacks, some in broad daylight.

In our neighborhood, Mt Vernon Sq, we now have a much increased police presence to battle what was upwards of 14 muggings in the last several weeks, along with home break ins, etc ..

Lets not count our chickens just yet

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DC barely makes least safe cities list

Two decades ago, DC was the murder capital of the year.  This year? We barely made the violent crime list, and we’re ranked behind St Louis (#1, sorry Chris), Detroit (#3), Oakland (#5), Baltimore (#11), and New Orleans (#13).  DC is currently at less than a quarter of the murders from the peak year in 1991, and will likely finish the year well beneath 2009’s total of 143.  Congrats, DC, this is a milestone I think we can all celebrate.


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