Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Picture Says a Thousand Word, But ...

It does not convey the sheer power of the emotion behind the picture as we look not only at the picture, rather we see the picture through the eyes of the photographer.

I was lucky enough last night to attend the opening of King Week here in DC at the DC Public Libraries. The opening featured some great live Jazz in addition to some pretty incredible photography.  The exhibit was put on by Critical Exposure.
Critical Exposure teaches youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change.
By empowering young people to develop skills as documentary photographers and advocates, we expose citizens and policymakers to the realities of our current two-tiered education system as seen through the eyes of the students who confront those realities each day. 
It was a really powerful show and I found myself very emotional as I looked at their work and tried to imagine life through their eyes.  I think the organization is a great idea and I plan to not only donate, but see if I may be able to volunteer in some fashion.. I urge you all to take a look as well to see if you can help out.  

Below are a few pics I got of the work and the commentary to go along with it.  Look and read and see if you dont feel a lump in your throat ...

See, pretty powerful aren't they ?

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