Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DDOT On the Case ...

Classic, only took 6 months for them to remove a wooden box that was accidentally cemented to a sidewalk ?


D.C. Dept. of Transportation officials have finally managed to remove a wooden storage locker that had accidentally been cemented into the sidewalk on the 1200 block of H Street NE. And it only took ... six months.

What took so long? For background on the odd story of this box, read this and this. Basically, DDOT and the Department of Public Works couldn't agree on whether the locker ought to be removed. DDOT declared that it violated public space laws, while DPW didn't think it was that big of a deal. And since the locker had been permanently affixed to the sidewalk during the H Street Streetscape construction project, it was going to take more than just a garbage truck to haul the thing away.

Well at long last, DDOT spokesman John Lisle provided the above photo as evidence that the matter has been resolved. Lisle didn't know for sure what sort of equipment ended up being needed to do the job ... did anyone happen to see a jackhammer on this part of the sidewalk this week?

"I'm glad DDOT finally removed this illegal locker," says ANC 6A commissioner Drew Ronneberg, who had been pushing the city to take action on the box since August.  "I was worried that it wouldn't happen before the streetscape work was completed."


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