Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maybe the Recovery Act Should Have Been Spread Out a Little More

Being a DC resident and working in Gaithersburg, I spend a lot of time driving in, around, and through the city. In a word it has become a mess. It seems that DDOT DC has taken it upon itself to start a road construction project on every damned road in the city. Whether it be the 12th St project, the 18 St closure, it seems that around every turn and up every road there is a road project underway.

It seems that the city got a load of Recovery Act $$ and went absolutely wild. Now I think DDOT in DC does a pretty good job, but someone must be responsible for scheduling these projects , no ? It was like kids on christmas morning who got a big cash present ... Budget not only your money, but your time and schedule while thinking about us regular folks trying to get around the city



bryanl said...

It does seem inconvenient. But think about if you are affected by the problems those crews are trying to solve. How do you order them? Might as well get them all out of the way while they have the money.

jjgardner3 said...

I agree all of this needs to be done, it juts seems that they can "schedule" a little better ? Just spread out the $$ they got thats all

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