Sunday, October 24, 2010

1500 Short of a Megachurch ?

These so called "megachurches" have always kind if fascinated me. As I grew up on Sunday mornings, the shows from these places were the only thing on.

Over the decades we have continued to see the leaders of these churches, and the churches themselves crumble under their own weight and own sins. A few remain popular, like Joel Osteen in TX as well as some others, but the major seem flush with controversy.

What I am curious about is the part where this congregation falls 15oo short of a megachurch ? Really? Who is making these numbers up, hopefully not our government ... I would think they have better things to do, especially e Dems these days as they prepare to take a beating :-)

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GARDEN GROVE, Calif. — The 10,664 windows did not get washed this year at the Crystal Cathedral, the iconic glass church founded by the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, one of the original religious broadcasters. Volunteers are tending the church’s 40 landscaped acres, now that the gardeners have been laid off. And its renowned Christmas pageant — with live camels and horses, and angels flying overhead on cables — has been canceled for now.

Mr. Schuller said that when he came on board, a meticulous effort to straighten out the membership rolls found only 900 to 1,100 regular congregants at Crystal Cathedral — which would mean that it was about 1,500 people short of even qualifying as a megachurch. (The church spokesman, Mr. Charles, said Mr. Schuller’s figures were misleadingly low because he counted only those who attended every week. He said the church currently has about 10,000 congregation members.)


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